In-line Pumps, Cam Shafts & Kits
Custom machined high performance 14mm
Rocken completed pump kit, unassembled
performance or
12mm (see above)
P7100 pump kits
8-cylinder P7100 pump and
complete pump kit
Camshaft for P7100 pump. Also available for Rocken
8600, P8700  pumps (6, 8 or 12 cylinders)
Repair / overhaul kits
for P7100 and
custom Rocken 8600
Large and powerful custom
P8700 pump with 8 or 12
cylinders. Available with
aluminum housing for 12
cylinder version.
Custom house machined Rocken 14mm High Performance complete
Fuel Injection Pump Kit
- A beefed up Super-P7100 pump version
 Flange mount that shares with mounting holes of P7100
 Can be fitted with
RSV (AG) governor assembly - sold separately
 Share mounting holes of governor(s) to the ones on P7100 pump
 Extreme high performance applications with proven reliability
 Optional super extreme
16mm plunger & barrel kit
for extreme plus performance applications
 1000 to 3000 cc fuel delivery per customer's accommodations
 Reinforced housing available
 Direct replacement of P7100 pump

P7100 Pump kits - Stock 12mm or Performance 13mm

 Housing, plunger/barrels and parts are also available
 12mm cam lift
 Standard 12mm plunger/barrels
 Performance
13mm pump with large delivery valves
and custom fitted RSV governor with 1000 to 1800cc fuels
 4 cylinder or 6 cylinder options

Custom extreme 16mm kit for P7100 pumps
 Successfully run on the pulling market using
Cummins 5.9L engine base
 1200-1300 hp output
 Maximized to 1500cc fuel delivery
 See
Custom 16mm plunger and barrel kits for P7100 pumps
- Now available
 Modified / machined new P7100 housing for 16mm plunger kit
- Currently not available, available stock new housings
Special sales, please contact

Recommendations to be used with this kit:
- 6X16 or larger performance injectors please go to the injector section
- Large delivery valves - see delivery valve section
- Quick return camshaft with optional bearings set - see below listed
- RSV (AG)
governor assembly for optimized performance

8 cylinder P7100 pump kit and housing

Also will be available with 8 cylinder version P7100 camshaft
and control rack

Brand New !!!
17mm Special super custom Rocken 8800 "Rocker" or Super-P7100
complete pump kit with beefed-up billet housing:

 Flange mount that shares with mounting holes of P7100
 With flat top 17mm plungers and barrels (available in 14 & 16mm also)
 Can be fitted with
RSV (AG) governor assembly - sold separately
 Share mounting holes of governor(s) to the ones on P7100 pump
 Direct replacement of P7100 pump

Camshaft for P7100 Pump
Stock quick return type with 12 mm lift ------ Special sales, please contact
Available with bearing set for both ends
Rocken code for 6-cylinder version:  RPCS6-P7100-CW12
Available in 4, 6 and 8 cylinder versions

Also available with quick return cams with 14mm-lift
for Rocken 14mm and 17mm "Rocker" pumps

Available in counter-clockwise rotation camshaft for bother P7100 and
Rocken 14mm pumps.

Available with gaskets for
RSV governors

Pump Housings


Other Parts and Accessories

Click here For  Tools Section , Rail System , VE pump sections.
Camshaft, 12mm lift standard camshaft
Model: RPCS8-P7100-CW12
Camshaft, 12mm lift standard camshaft
for 6-cylinder P7100 pump, clockwise rotation
Model: RPCS6-P7100-CW12
Roller tappet assembly for P7100
pump with roller & pin. Require 6
units for 6-cylinder pump
Model: RP-P7100-RT
Bearing set, 2-pieces,
front and rear for stock
quick return camshaft, 6 or
8 cylinder, for P7100
Model: RPCS-P7100-BRG
Repair / Overhaul Kit and tools for P7100
Rocken part No.:  
Includes O-rings, fuel
gallery& base plugs,
gaskets, D.V. washers and
Repair / Overhaul Kit for Custom P3000 Pumps
Rocken part No.:  RP-P3000-P12-KIT
Timing shim, for P7100 pump
(mounted under flange of plunger on
top of housing), stock, pack of 12 pcs,
(need 12 pcs for a set)
Model: RP-P7100-P12-TS
Housing, pump housing, P7100
4-cylinder, brand new
Model: RP-P7100-4-P12-HSG
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Camshaft, 12mm lift standard camshaft
for 4-cylinder P7100 pump, clockwise rotation
Model: RPCS4-P7100-CW12
Housing, pump housing, P7100
Model: RP-P7100-6-P12-HSG
Housing, pump housing, P7100
8-cylinder, die-cast aluminum,
fully machined, base mount, ready
for assembly
Model: RP-P7100-8-P12-HSG
Bearing plate for Rocken
7100 pump, stock