Common Rail Injection and Test
Adapters for commonly used common rail
injectors including Bosch's, Delphi, and etc.
Custom adapters are also available with special
For high pressure fuel lines used in
common rail system, please go to our
Line section for details including stainless
steel, formed and swedged-end types.
Demonstration Video for model  RT-CR-INJ-01
Scroll down for demonstration
video of the stand
50 HP heavy duty test bench for high pressure common rail systems used in
large ships and equipment.
Custom adapter / injector holder for large
common rail injector
Flow sensors from Gemany
Provided with Bosch's CP3
pumps with special adapter with
the test bench for testing
common rail and other high
pressure injectors.
Custom injector holder / fixtures fabricated
for uses in our test benches. Accessories
including fittings and fuel lines
Test stand for testing common rail
pumps and injectors with
computerized control and
measurement system
20, 30 HP test stand with automated
test programs