Plungers, Barrels and Delivery Valves
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House machined custom high
plunger/barrel upgrade kit
P7100 pump class
Such as 16 mm flat top P/B kit
enlarged from 13 mm versions
(3rd party supplied) for
pumps includes 6 high strength
springs, 6 spring covers, 6
spring seats, 6 control sleeves, 6
barrel spill rings, 6 spill ring
clamps, and a control rack. A
modified housing with enlarged
mid-section of barrel chambers
is required - available with a
diagram. For capability see
Also available in 14, 16 & 17mm
flat top P/B for custom
8800 series pump

11mm Cummins plunger:
11mm Cummins type
plungers/Barrels special
fabrications include an enlarged
version of Cummins 3052223
Also available 15mm, 16mm and 17mm plungers
MW plunger
Custom performance 12mm
flat-top plunger & barrel for
Simms pumps

12mm A pump plunger & barrel
with double helix including
control sleeve and spring cover.
- Large 8mm
Delivery valves
- 6X16+
- Quick return
- Repair kit
- Repair tools
1.  Plungers & Barrels   RPB-2418455333  
(13mm)   (Pack of 6)

(No modification of parts or housing required)
2. Plungers & Barrels   
RPB-P7100-13MM-F-SET6 (13mm)   (Pack of 6)
(Flat top -
performance applications, no
modification of parts or housing required), 800cc
pump flow output (per accommodations)
1.                 D. Valve (Pack of 6)
(large performance size for P7100 pumps)
Model: RDV-P7100-151-8MM
Also available with holders - please contact
Delivery valve holder for above
delivery valve (7mm) including
spring for P7100 pumps with
M14X1.5 port
Model: RDV-P7100-DV/HDR-027
D. Valve (Pack of 6) (Large size -
constant pressure type for P7100
pumps, with 8mm dia.)
2.                  Delivery valve holder for above
delivery valve RDV-P7100-045-8MM-CON
including spring for P7100 pumps, with M14X1.5
Model: RDV-P7100-DV-LAG-HDR
3.                 Delivery valve, performance type
for Rocken 8800 P (large performance) pump,
per unit, needs 6 per 6-cyl pump, with 9mm dia.
Base flange diameter: 21.80mm
Model: RDV-P8800-14-01
3.         16mm plunger/Barrel kit for P7100 pump
see left for details.
Rocken part No.:RPB-P7100-16MM-FLAT-KIT-6
with springs, spring covers, control sleeves & spring seats
spill rings, clamp rings, O-rings, control rack
output magnitude can be greater than    
any equivalent pumps - Contact for details
Available for 8-cylinder version also
Modified P7100 housing for 16mm plunger kit is required
a diagram of how to modify the housing will be provided with order
Available for immediate shipping
Plungers - CAT and Cummins applications          

1.                 Plunger                 1W 6541                                          

2.                 Plunger                 8N3539                                       (Pack of 4)

3.                 Plunger/Barrel     3076125  
4.                 Plunger/Barrel     3076126
5.                 Plunger/Barrel     3037292
6.                 Plunger/Barrel     3047963
7.                 Plunger/Barrel     3052223                                       (Pack of 6)
MW Plungers
1.                 Plunger/Barrel     1 418 415 077
Please visit our
rotor heads page for additional information related to the
plungers and barrels.
12mm Simms and A pump plungers
Including custom performance 12mm plungers and barrels.
Plunger, custom 9mm plunger & barrel, stock
version for Simms pump. (6-Pack)
Rocken code: RPB-SIM-9MM
Plungers & Barrels
Plungers & Barrels for P7100 pump      
Delivery Valvess
14mm Flat-Top plungers & barrels
for Rocken 8800 performance
pumps, per plunger and barrel unit,
6 units required for 6-cyl pump
Model: RPB-P8800-14F
16mm Flat-Top plungers &
barrels for
Rocken 8800 series
inline P pumps    
Model: RPB-P8800-16F
House machined
custom item for
version pumps
17mm Flat-Top P&Bs for high
performance pumps
Model: RPB-P8800-17F
House machined
custom item for
version pumps
Plungers & Barrels for Rocken 8800 series P pumps   
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Extreme performance custom 9mm delivery valves
3mm delivery holders for P7100 pumps are
available - please
contact for costs and purchases.
These large custom sized parts used to be only for
our 8800 performance pumps.