Test Stand for PT type fuel pumps

Rocken Tech advanced PT pump test stand, model RT-PT-PM-A is
designed for calibrating PT type fuel pumps used in Cummins engines. It
can test and calibrate fuel pressures and other related pump data under
various speeds and requirements. Equipped with advanced speed
transducer in the control system, automatic fuel temperature control, and
numbers of flow meters, gauges and control valves, the PT injector test
stand ensures the accuracy for all test performances. The stand also
simulates real time engine operation environment during the tests.
A pneumatic system installed in the stand is designed for testing PT
pumps with air and fuel control devices and air signal reducer.   


Dimensions:    36 ½ in X 26 in X 68 in (930 mm X 656 mm X 1730 mm)
Output speed range:                0 – 3400 r/min
Main flow count maximum:     1600 lbs/hr
Leaking flow count max:          500 ml/min
Fuel tank:                                    6.6 gal (25 L)

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PT Type Pump Test Stand