Test Stand for PT-PL PT injector Calibrations

PT-PL Injector Calibration Stand is designed for measuring fuel injection
volume for the various models of PT injectors which include the flange
joint injectors, the column type injectors and PT(K) type injectors.

Major features:

1.   Fuel injection volume is displayed in numerical code with measuring
accuracy ranges at ±0.1ml/1000 cycles.
2.   Per injector model, the cycle index can be selected 100 cycles or 50
3.   The injection pressure simulator features the compression pressure
that simulates a real time environment condition like fuel injected into the
cylinder of an actual engine.
4.   Some test cams are provided for various injectors and they can be
replaced conveniently during the test.
5.   An automatic fuel temperature control system ensures the
temperature to meet the demands of PT injector tests.
6.   With a number of fuel pressure gauges installed on the instrument
board, the system pressure can be adjusted instantly to ensure the
accuracy and stability of the fuel pressure during the test.
7.   Injector to be tested will be clamped and secured automatically when
test started and at the same time the fuel is supplied automatically to the
test system.
8.   To ensure safe operations, an inter-lock circuit type control button is
applied into the design of the system.
9.   User-friendly operation with higher reliability has been featured due to
the elimination of conventional method of fuel line/pipe connections. This
makes the test stand easier for adjustments and maintenance.

Available with combination test stand for Cummins PT and Detroit unit
with computerized control and fuel measuring system

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