Single Cylinder Pumps:

Dimension - Diameter x Instill High Size: 45mm x 88mm
Delivery valve Thread:                                   M12 x 1.5
Power:                                                              25 - 27 hp

PF Type Pump:

For maximum engine output:   25kw/cylinder
Body structure:                             Aluminum alloy, housing
Number of cylinders:                  2
Injection fuel:                                Diesel
Solenoid:                                       4-hole flange
Drive:                                              From camshaft
Lead of helix:                                20 mm
Piston stroke:                               8 mm
Piston diameter :                         6 - 9.5 mm
Regulating bar extension:         21 mm
Maximum speed:                        2200 min
Maximum injection pressures: 60 MPa
Weight:                                          1,2 kg
Dimensions:                                80 x 74 x 148,5 mm
Cam shape:  The cam shapes are different for each engine type
depending on parameters of injection required by engine manufacturer
Single Cylinder, PF & PT Pumps
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Steel housing
2-plunger pump