Hydraulic Universal Test Stand


Model: RTHT-104

Type of Drive                     AC, 3-phase electric motor
Drive Motor                        37 kw  
Pump Supply Power       67 kw                                    
Oil Tank Capacity            1000 liter
Flow Meter                        460 L/min
Tachometer                      0 – 9999 rpm (digital)
Oil Cooler & Heater         Automatically adjusted for specified temperature

Major Functions:

Pump test, plunger motor test, valve and cylinder test, hydraulic
transmission test. System includes a high performance computer system
and printer.

Max. Flow            460 L/min       
Max. Pressure    31.5 MPa
Max. Torque        1,000 N-m         
Speed Range     800 – 2200 rpm    
Hydraulic Pump Test Stand