Custom Cam box and Special Adaptors and Holders Design &
Fabrications For Unit Injector / EUI / HEUI / EUP Testing

Applications include large unit injectors / pumps for marine, ships, trucks
such as Mack, International, MTU and Paxman engines. Adaptor and
holder designs and fabrications require send in sample unit injector(s),
can be used ones, for accurate dimensioning and initial test run. Fast
turn-around fabrication.

Cam boxes (model
RT-UI-Kit / RT-UI-E-KIT) can be used with Rocken
s standard test benches. A 20hp plus model (RT20S) is
recommended for use with the custom cam box. Electronic simulator will
be provided for EUI, EUP and HEUI testing.

Custom fabrication of adaptors requires customer to send in sample
injector (can be used) for verifications. Fast turn-out of lead time.

Optional Plexiglas shield is available for safe operations

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Unit Injector Test, Custom Cambox
Control unit for EUI
Pre-test works of EUP for Mack and
International trucks
Demonstration Video
Cambox with electronic simulator / control
unit for testing the dual coil unit injectors
(including E3 type)
Adapters for (electronic) unit
injectors and pumps